The Best Apps to Track Leaves and Holidays in Microsoft 365/Teams

         One of the most challenging duties within your remote-first company is appropriately and efficiently managing your staff’s time off requests. Whether it be vacations, PTOs, holidays, and other off time, leave management can be daunting, even worse, if you do it manually. 

         The good news is, as a manager or an HR representative, this process can be a lot less stressful with the help of the right tools or software, especially if your staff members span different countries and time zones. 

         With the right tools, your company’s time off calendars will become seamless to manage. 

         If your team’s cloud workspace is rooted in the Microsoft 365 platform and has Microsoft Teams as the primary mode of communication, then these six leave/vacation tracker solutions may be some good suggestions for you to consider. 


         Stop struggling with manual time off tracking and approvals. Leaveforce seamlessly integrates with your familiar Microsoft environment, transforming how you manage employee leave. Here’s how it benefits you: 


         • Effortlessly create and manage leave policies: Define different leave types, accrual rates, and approval workflows with ease. 

         • Organize your team: Create groups, assign users, and manage permissions with a simple interface. 

         • Stay informed: Track leave requests, see who’s on leave, and identify potential burnout risks. 

         • Boost employee experience: Enable Teams notifications, automatic calendar sync, and keep absences private for specific groups. 

         • Flexible options: Choose from various settings like unpaid leave, hourly time off, and prioritize team well-being. 


         • Approve leave requests quickly and easily: See only the leaves from your team and take action with a few clicks. 

         • Get insights into your team’s leave: Access detailed leave balances and history for each employee. 

         • Stay connected with your team: See who’s currently on leave, upcoming holidays, and important milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. 

         • Delegate leave requests: Submit leave on behalf of your team members for a smooth workflow. 


         • View your leave balances and history: Get a clear picture of your available time off for all leave types. 

         • Request leave in seconds: Choose start and end dates, specify half-day or specific hours, and submit your request with ease. 

         • Stay informed about your team: See who’s on leave, upcoming holidays, and important milestones. 

         • Focus on what matters: Leaveforce takes care of the administrative hassle, so you can focus on your work. 

Leaveforce is more than just a leave management tool: 

         • Seamless Microsoft integration: Enjoy a familiar and intuitive experience within your existing Microsoft environment. 

         • Customizable workflows: Tailor Leaveforce to fit your specific needs and company policies. 

         • Improved employee experience: Empower your team with easy leave management and clear communication. 

         • Reduced administrative burden: Save time and effort with automated processes and streamlined workflows. 

Additional benefits: 

         • Automatic proration for leave for new employees. 

         • Download leave request data for easy reporting. 

         • Identify and address potential burnout risks with custom leave thresholds. 

         • Set individual work hours for employees with varied schedules. 

          Stop overpaying for time off management. Leaveforce is a one-time purchase that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365. Effortless, cost-effective, and yours forever. See how it works! 

          Leaveforce, in contrast, offers a robust solution by integrating seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, ensuring that team members have real-time access to leave schedules and can easily manage time-off requests without leaving their primary work environment. This integration enhances overall efficiency and communication, positioning Leaveforce as a superior alternative to traditional team calendar solutions. 

Vacation Tracker

          This vacation/leave tracker in Teams resides in the app store. As an all-in-one solution Vacation Tracker allows you to accurately track, manage, see, and report vacations, leave requests, and allows your team to manage their own PTOs. 

          Integrating this app with your workflow is easy and keeps everyone updated with all leaves from anywhere. Not to mention a bot to help you create requests for leave. 

          Try Vacation Tracker Here. 


          Even though Calamari is considered primarily as a tool for managing people, it also doubles as a leave and attendance tracking solution. 

          Calamari manages vacations and time off, such as sick leaves, maternity leaves, and PTOs, in shared calendars that easily synchronize with the likes of Microsoft 365 and G Suite, to name a few. 

          It is in the category of Microsoft Teams’ leave trackers because of how well it syncs with the platform. 

          Calamari automates entitlements based on your leave policies and notifications and approval processes. It is excellent for multinational teams and is available in five different languages. 

          Calamari is a low-budget tool at just $2 per employee per month when billed monthly and $1.7 per employee per month when billed annually. 


          This app was made to match or sync with Microsoft 365. It is a free tool that fully integrates with MS365 and Microsoft Teams. 

          With Absentify, logging in with your company’s MS365 account is seamless and direct, with up-to-date profile information. It syncs automatically with Outlook calendars and other shared ones as well. 

          A central view of everyone’s absences and an individual view of personal calendars and leave accruals and balances are provided. 

          You can divide your staff into departments, set staffing level limits, and control vacation overlapping as a manager. Any amount of leave types can be set and easily modified. 

          In addition, Absentify has available public holiday calendars from 250 countries and gives you the ability to create your own and assign specific groups or individuals to your teams. It is available in several different languages. 

Team Today

          This planning tool for hybrid teams features a leave management tool that tracks leaves and holidays for teams. It syncs with Outlook and Microsoft Teams to give you one simple view. 

          With the help of Outlook, all holidays and leaves are visible to your whole company so others can be aware of what is happening. Its detailed reporting and approval system for leave requests makes planning and managing easier. 

          It does the necessary calculations, so you do not have to, by displaying leave accruals and balances. Once you set your default settings for leaves and time offs, Team Today automatically handles the rest that follows. 

          All this can be done from and viewed within Microsoft Teams. Logins are seamless with your Microsoft 365 accounts. 

          For small companies or teams with up to 10 people, Team Today is free. However, in addition to that, it is just £1 per user, per month. But for larger companies with over 100 people on staff, an enterprise price is available upon request. 


          As the name suggests, AttendanceBot helps you manage the absences and attendances of your teams. Because of its easy integration, leave requests can be approved from inside Teams and Slack on the go instantly by managers in real-time. 

          Incorporated in your team’s channel on Teams, AttendanceBot can send you notifications about requests, approvals, and upcoming time offs of team members. 

          It also allows you to set up your own policies and rules, customize them accordingly and see balances and accruals. Not to mention, being able to get summaries and reports of everyone’s time off. 

          Pricing details vary, beginning at Standard to Enterprise. 

Final Thoughts

From our list of the top 6 best leave/vacation/PTO trackers, based on observations, they stand out because of a couple of things: 

         • Flexibility 

         • Low budget 

         • Transparency/visibility 

         • Integrates well with Teams, MS365 and other apps 

         • Easy to use 

         • Automates processes 

         • Give notifications 

         • Customizable 

         • Syncs with calendars

         • Saves time 

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