Power Apps: How To – License per App 


          Optimizing Power Apps licensing is crucial for maximizing its potential and value within your organization. This article delves into the “License per App” model, exploring its benefits and practical implementation considerations.  

Understanding Power Apps

          Power Apps empowers citizen developers to create custom, low-code applications that address specific business needs. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies the development process, enabling rapid application creation and workflow automation. 

Navigating Licensing Options

           Microsoft offers two primary licensing models for Power Apps: 

           • Power Apps per user: This traditional approach assigns individual licenses, granting unrestricted access to all Power Apps within the designated environment. This model suits organizations with pervasive Power Apps usage across diverse teams.

           • Power Apps per app: This innovative model focuses on the app itself, not the user. Each app serves as a distinct access point, ideal for scenarios with many users requiring access to only a specific set of Power Apps. 


           Unlocking the Power of “License per App”: 

           • Cost Optimization: This model is highly cost-effective for organizations with a limited number of Power Apps serving a large user base. You pay only for the apps used, not for every individual who accesses them.

           • Granular Access Control: With per-app licensing, access can be precisely targeted to specific groups and users, enhancing security and ensuring appropriate privilege levels.

           • Simplified Administration: Managing individual user licenses for Power Apps access becomes a thing of the past. This streamlining simplifies administration and reduces overhead. 

Buying License

          1. User should be an Admin of the Office 365 

          2. User should be an Admin for Power Platform Admin Cente

          3. Go to https://admin.microsoft.com/

          4. Navigate to Billing > Purchase services.

          5. Search for: “Power Apps per app plan”, then click details

          6. Set how many licenses you need and payment option, then buy the license.

Assigning License to an Environment

          1. Go to https://make.powerapps.com/

          2. Click settings and then select Admin Center

          3. Navigate to Resources > Capacity, scroll down and click Manage.

          4. Select the environment your application is located (you can check this when you go to make.powerapps.com and then check upper right part of the page)

          5. Enter the number of licenses you want to assign in “App passes”.

Assigning License to an Application

          1. Go to https://make.powerapps.com/
          2. Navigate to Apps
          3. Click the 3 dots on the application you want to give license to, then select Settings

          4. In Auto assign per app passes, change it to “Yes”, then click Save

Leave Management Power App

         Are you tired of the hassle of tracking time off and managing approvals manually? Discover Leaveforce – your go-to solution built on the Power Apps platform. The best part? You won’t need to worry about per app or per user licensing fees, thanks to Leaveforce’s use of non-premium Power Apps connectors. Here’s how it can make your life easier: 


         • Effortlessly create and manage leave policies: Define different leave types, accrual rates, and approval workflows with ease. 

         • Organize your team: Create groups, assign users, and manage permissions with a simple interface. 

         • Stay informed: Track leave requests, see who’s on leave, and identify potential burnout risks. 

         • Boost employee experience: Enable Teams notifications, automatic calendar sync, and keep absences private for specific groups. 

         • Flexible options: Choose from various settings like unpaid leave, hourly time off, and prioritize team well-being. 


         • Approve leave requests quickly and easily: See only the leaves from your team and take action with a few clicks. 

         • Get insights into your team’s leave: Access detailed leave balances and history for each employee. 

         • Stay connected with your team: See who’s currently on leave, upcoming holidays, and important milestones like birthdays and anniversaries. 

         • Delegate leave requests: Submit leave on behalf of your team members for a smooth workflow. 


         • View your leave balances and history: Get a clear picture of your available time off for all leave types. 

         • Request leave in seconds: Choose start and end dates, specify half-day or specific hours, and submit your request with ease. 

         • Stay informed about your team: See who’s on leave, upcoming holidays, and important milestones. 

         • Focus on what matters: Leaveforce takes care of the administrative hassle, so you can focus on your work. 

Leaveforce is more than just a leave management tool: 

         • Seamless Microsoft integration: Enjoy a familiar and intuitive experience within your existing Microsoft environment. 

         • Customizable workflows: Tailor Leaveforce to fit your specific needs and company policies. 

         • Improved employee experience: Empower your team with easy leave management and clear communication. 

         • Reduced administrative burden: Save time and effort with automated processes and streamlined workflows. 

Additional benefits: 

         • Automatic proration for leave for new employees. 

         • Download leave request data for easy reporting. 

         • Identify and address potential burnout risks with custom leave thresholds. 

         • Set individual work hours for employees with varied schedules. 

          Leaveforce is a one-time purchase that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365. Effortless, cost-effective, and yours forever. See how it works! 

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