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Leaveforce: A fully customizable solution that transforms how businesses track and manage time off, all within your familiar Microsoft environment

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Had enough of spreadsheet chaos?

Every time a leave goes untracked, every time a formula fails, every time a cell is overlooked—it’s not just an error; it’s a disruption.

In business, these seemingly small mistakes can cascade into significant operational challenges. Missed leaves can lead to understaffing, project delays, and strained team dynamics.

Enter Leaveforce. Seamlessly integrating with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, it offers a flawless approach to leave management, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

No more manual errors, no more spreadsheet hassles.

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Real stories, real results:

Discover 5,000+ users’ transformative experiences with Leaveforce
Before Leaveforce, we were bogged down with error-prone Excel spreadsheets to track our time-off and holidays. Now, thanks to Leaveforce, managing leaves is streamlined and hassle-free.”
Ian Stephens
Agency Director - Employer Branding & Talent Attraction at Genius

Why choose Leaveforce for your leave management?

Seamless Integration
Dive straight into efficiency with our deep Microsoft 365 integration. No new tools to learn, just enhanced capabilities within your trusted environment.
Ultimate Security
Your data stays protected within the fortified walls of the Microsoft ecosystem. With Leaveforce, security isn’t an addition—it’s a guarantee.
Fully Tailored to You
We believe in a unique approach for every organization. Customize policies, notifications, and more to fit your distinct needs.
Time Saving
Eliminate the drudgery of spreadsheet management. Empower your teams to focus on what truly matters, leaving the complexities of leave tracking to us.
Sensible Economics
Why bleed monthly subscriptions when you can invest once and reap benefits continuously? Leaveforce is value-packed for the long run.

The top choice for businesses aiming for seamless leave management

Other HRMS/SaaS Tools
Deep with Microsoft 365
Restricted features
Fully customizable
Policy Flexibility
Compromises needed
Respects unique policies
Time Efficiency
Highly efficient
Pricing Model
Subscription based
One-time fee
Deep with Microsoft 365
Fully customizable
Respects unique policies
Highly efficient
One-time fee

Power-packed features - seamless management

Discover what makes Leaveforce the go-to solution for businesses
1. Leave Management Perfected

Custom Time-off Policies: Define your vacation, sick leave, and other policies down to the detail.

Leave Calendar Integration: With direct integration to MS Teams and Outlook, leave is synchronized in real-time.

Approvals & Requesting Leaves: Empower managers and employees with a streamlined leave request and approval process.

2. User Organization and Permissions

Groups: Group users by teams or departments and set specifics like timezone and associated calendars.

User Permissions: Designate admins, define their powers, and decide visibility of leave details for all.

3. Stay Informed with Real-time Updates

Alerts and Notifications: MS Teams alerts for leaves, milestones, and birthdays.

Dashboard: At a glance, see leave balances, upcoming plans, and potential burnout risks.

4. Enhance Employee Experience

People Management: Comprehensive employee directory, onboard new members from the M365 directory, and keep track of leave histories.

Holidays: Personalize holiday schedules, determine alerts, and decide applicability for teams or individuals.

5. Trust in Microsoft Security & Customizability

Data Security: Relish the safety of Microsoft Power Apps and seamless Microsoft 365 integration.

Customizability: Built on the Microsoft Power App’s low-code platform, modify the app’s code and leverage Power Automate for expanded features, ensuring no vendor lock-in and complete future adaptability.

And so much more…
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Questions you may have

We already have a leave management system in place. How easy is it to migrate to Leaveforce?

Leaveforce is built for easy integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams. Our support team can guide you through the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition from your current system.

Why doesn’t Leaveforce offer a free trial? How can we be sure it’s the right fit for us?

Since Leaveforce is a downloadable product that installs directly into your Microsoft 365 environment, offering a free trial poses challenges. However, we provide demos upon request, allowing you to see the software in action and determine if it meets your needs.

We don’t use spreadsheets, but another software for leave management. What benefits does Leaveforce offer over other solutions?

Leaveforce offers deep integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams, ensuring a unified experience. Its customizable nature, alerts on career milestones, burnout risk indicators, and the ability to create specific leave policies set it apart from generic solutions.

Can I customize Leaveforce to suit my specific needs?

Yes, after purchasing, you can make modifications to fit your requirements.

As a large organization, are there any privacy or security concerns to consider when installing this App?

As a large organization, it’s important to consider privacy and security when installing any new software. With Leaveforce, you can rest assured that no external data sources or APIs are used. All data and security are managed within your Microsoft 365 environment, giving you complete control over the app. You can easily manage and view all app permissions from the Power Platform Admin center.

Sally Taylor
Chief Operations Officer
Cardinal Point
We struggled with using Microsoft Forms and setting up events in a complicated Salesforce calendar system. It was so cumbersome that many on our team just wouldn’t use it.
Since switching to Leaveforce, everything has become seamless. The user-friendly interface has been a game changer for us!

Wave Goodbye to Spreadsheet Frustrations

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